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Client story: How can a company deliver a large scale antigen test?

How can a company deliver a large scale antigen test?

Rapid antigen testing is a fast and effective way of testing for Covid-19, this route is especially important for large groups of people who need to know their results quickly. The Decontami Rapid Antigen Test will allow businesses to bulk buy Covid-19 tests to provide a safe and effective testing plan for their staff.

Depending on the environment companies can implement a triage area to test and assess each member of staff within their workspace before starting the working day, in less than half an hour the result will determine whether that particular member of staff is negative or positive and if they need to self isolate.

Testing process

The Decontami Rapid Antigen Test has been designed to reduce contact with people and provide an efficient and reliable testing plan.

Below is the testing process:

  1. Everyone entering the premises should be tested before entering.

  2. Either a trained person tests individuals using a viral swab in a single location or the tests are distributed for self administration in socially distanced spaces. NB. Testing areas should be disinfected after each use.

  3. Test results are reported to the triage manager or by using the Yoti app.

  4. Individuals may present the test results to gain access and show they are non-contagious or if they test positive must go home to self isolate and then on to do a PCR to confirm the results.

We recommend testing each member of staff twice a week and create a protective shield for everyone against the virus. This method of regular testing will identify positive results immediately. This enables operations to proceed whilst also providing confidence in the team both at work and privately when returning home.

Decontami has the capacity to supply up to 200,000 tests per day. If you have any questions or you would like to enquire about the Rapid Antigen Test then please contact 0207 183 2213 or email

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