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Halman Thompson's bespoke metal copper bar top features in the Prince William opening at Duchy Nurse

North East bespoke metal creation specialist, Halman Thompson was commissioned to sculpt a stunning piece of Cheshire finished copper for the Duchy of Cornwall’s Nursery restaurant and bar refurbishment.

The refurbishment was unveiled by Prince William last week, the Duke of Cornwall cut a ribbon at the ceremony with the help of nine-year-old twins on holiday from Scotland.

The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery features stunning horticulture, the glasshouse, a shop, and places to eat and drink including a cafe and an orangery.

The Cheshire-finished copper top bar are placed on top of a handcrafted bar within the new restaurant. Along with the top bar, Halman Thompson also made some Cheshire-aged copper plinths to run along the notion of the bar.

Each piece of metalwork was handcrafted and aged to perfection. The team at Halman Thompson are experts in their field, they have years of experience to be able to craft such breathtaking pieces of metal.

Sara Halman, Managing Director, Halman Thompson says: ‘We are delighted to be involved in such a prestigious project. Building a reputation for quality and creativity has meant we have been given the opportunity to work with the likes of the Duchy of Cornwall’s Nursery. We are proud of everything we handcraft and we can’t wait for everyone to see it.’

What is the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery?

Originally a slate quarry, the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery began life-producing forest trees in the late 1960s. It started to sell plants to the public in 1974 and went on to become one of the largest and most well-respected nurseries in the South West. After further transformations since 2011, today, it is a place of sanctuary for every visitor, where horticulture is celebrated, and nature is allowed to flourish.

The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery is a small part of the Duchy, but it is very proud of its heritage. The Nursery is located at the heart of the Duchy estate and Restormel Castle can be seen from across the valley.

What if I want some stunning metalwork?

If you are thinking of introducing some stunning metalwork into your garden, kitchen, business, or even bathroom, Halman Thompson is only a click or phone call away.

Halman Thompson’s website will give you all the different metal options and styles. Please click here:

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