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World’s most innovative cars to feature at Autosport International EV Showcase

Motorsport has long been at the forefront of driving forward technology, efficiency, and sustainability. In endurance racing, hydrogen fuel cell technology is making impressive progress. Forze Hydrogen Racing, a racing team completely run by students from the Netherlands, is one of the leading teams when it comes to racing on hydrogen. With a team of more than 60 passionate and talented students that changes every year, Forze has now built nine race cars, each one quicker than the last. Their most successful Le Mans Prototype car to date, the Forze VIII, will be displayed at the heart of the Autosport International EV Showcase.

Thomas Noordzij, Forze PR & Marketing Manager explains the team’s mission: “Our ultimate goal is to promote hydrogen technology to the general public by showing its potential in motorsports while educating the students at Forze through their work, both in technical and business skills. Ever since our founding in 2007, the team has grown from building hydrogen go-karts to full-size LMP racing cars performing in official competitions, competing against regular petrol-powered race cars. Something as extraordinary as this is only possible with real dedication, which the students at Forze have proven year after year. We’re thrilled to be part of the first Autosport International EV Showcase.”

The rapid refuelling with hydrogen makes electric fuel cell (FCEV) vehicles suitable for long-distance races, as they don’t have the long charging times of conventional EVs. However, charging technology is developing rapidly and with the FIA Formula E World Championship introducing quick-charge pitstops, it provides another opportunity for motorsport technology to transfer to everyday road cars.

Proving that EVs are as much about speed as sustainability, Ariel will bring its recently unveiled HIPERCAR to the show. The ultra-high-performance electric sports car can propel itself from 0-60mph in just over two seconds and has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate electric driving machine.

Continuing the battery EV theme, Extreme E will be represented at the show to talk about the sustainability-focused series and the good work that takes place at each of the environments it visits.

Also positioned on the motorsport ladder is the BRSCC’s Formula Foundation-E, a ground-breaking fully-electric single-seater racing project that has been well over a year in development. The stunning FF-E1 electric race car has been designed, engineered, and built in the UK.

Ben Whibley, Autosport International event director, commented: “From hybrid Formula 1 to electric karts, the shift in power in motorsport has been dramatic. The Autosport International EV Showcase will demonstrate the latest innovations and record-breaking vehicles, at the hub of an engineering and technology exhibition that shows the pace of change in the industry.”

Autosport International runs over four days, opening on 12th January 2023. Thursday and Friday are trade-only, with exclusive access to the two-day Autosport Engineering Show. On Saturday and Sunday, Autosport International opens its doors to the public.

Both public tickets and trade registration are now available through the Autosport International website.

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