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How to market your brand in the North East...

There are a number of options to market your brand in the North East, you could either promote your brand through Social Media, Digital Advertising, PR Outreach or Traditional Advertising. Your route all depends on your demographic. If you're looking to reach a large audience, digital advertising might be the route for you. This will involve promoting your brand through online branding on publications that reach your audience e.g. The Chronicle.

The benefit of digital advertising is that you can monitor and understand the click pattern of your customers and what they are most interested in.

Social media is fast becoming the advertising option of choice, a large proportion of the North East own a mobile phone and use some source of social media whether that be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Paid Social Media allows you to quickly reach a specific audience straight to their phones.

PR outreach is a form of advertising that involves creating stories and reaching out to local publications, for example if you have a new business venture or product, you could write a press release and pitch it to the relevant publications. This route can be extremely cost effective but you have to be confident that your product or story will attract the attention of the relevant journalists.

Seemingly moving to the back of the advertising hierarchy, traditional advertising which includes print advertising, billboards, leaflets etc. This form is slowly becoming less effective because people are shifting to digital content. Traditional advertising sill has a benefit, the older generation still consume content through traditional means however for a business it is hard to monitor its performance.

At Arbon Marketing we are able to offer advice and manage your advertising strategy. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch.

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